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Welcome to Golden Thread Stories!

Golden Thread Stories facilitates multimedia storytelling for people and communities. We can help you discover the narratives that run through your life and show you how to use technology to share those stories with others.  We believe everyone has a story and every story is golden!

On this site, you can find out about our workshops and learn about our organizational services. If you’re curious about what we do and how we do it, you can check out past student stories and follow our blog about all things “story”. And, of course, you can contact us for more information at any time.

We love talking about stories too.  You can join our mailing list or link to Golden Thread Stories on Twitter or Facebook…see the handy little buttons in the top right corner of this window.

Looking forward to seeing you here!


Current Projects

Golden Thread Stories works with a wide range of organizations in the Lower Mainland. Current projects include a Youth Storytelling Project with Kwantlen Polytechnic University and gathering stories on behalf of the Capilano University Faculty Association‘s contribution to FPSE’s Open the Doors Campaign.

Past clients include the Hospital Employees Union, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House and Carnegie Community Centre’s Downtown Eastside Small Arts Grant Project.

We have worked with small groups and large ones; helped people tell community stories and personal stories; created organizational digital stories and worked with youth in schools to create lightening fast stories in class. If there’s a kind of digital storytelling you’d like to learn how to do, get in touch…we’d love to help!

Our Story

Golden Thread Stories helps people and communities tell their stories through a participatory learning approach and a deep respect for personal voice.  Our services include intensive digital storytelling workshops for individals and customized storytelling workshops for organizations.  We also blog about storytelling and narrative, and invite you to join in the conversation!

We are in continuous development as we discover what works and what doesn’t, so we appreciate your patience.  You can follow our blogs here for regular updates.  And we welcome your questions, feedback and comments as we get started on this new adventure.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Alphabet Story Game

March 17, 2014


Just wanted to share this fun game idea for all those upcoming family trips (can you tell I’m looking forward to summer?). It’s a learning game that one of my students shared with me and we’ve had a lot of fun with it, both in class and in my own family. Great to play in the car or airplane. All you need is your imagination (and something to write with)!

So, here’s the game:

  1. Get a pen and paper (0r pull out your iPad)
  2. Starting with A, moving on to B (etc.), tell a story using words that start with each following letter of the alphabet, all the way to Z. (See photo above for a clearer understanding of what I mean).
  3. Laugh!


Back to Class

March 10, 2014

Clearly, I love all things storytelling. As a teacher of storytelling, I love coming up with new prompts, working with students on crafting their stories, and seeing it all come alive in a digital environment. But it’s been awhile since I focused on my own writing. So this year, I’ve gone back to school, hoping to reestablish my own writing practice. The Creative Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University is a part-time program designed for people who are also working at other things. It’s an intensive program that gets you producing work, sharing it, and thinking about how you want to create a writing life for yourself. So far, it’s been a lot of fun!

I will be sharing my writing, on occasion, on my personal blog – And I will definitely be sharing what I’m learning about teaching writing through my work here! Stay tuned…

What About Values?

October 28, 2013

Grow Postcard

I recently spoke at a conference of the Federation of Community Social Services of BC.  Preparing for the event was a great chance to revisit some of the bigger ideas behind the work I do.  It was a small but engaged crowd and the questions really got me thinking. In particular, one person asked what I thought were the values that an organization should hold in their storytelling work. One of the participants volunteered the word “respect” and I completely agree. Respect for the storyteller and the storytelling process. Honesty also came to mind – in the sense of being true to the authentic story rather than crafting a story around a preconceived idea, such as you might find in a pamphlet. And safety. The role of the organization in creating a safe place for the story and the storyteller. I’m sure there are more value words I could include in this list and I’m motivated to think a bit more about how organizations can approach storytelling in their work from a place of integrity. My thanks to the Federation for the opportunity to think and learn!

Back to the Land of Stories

October 8, 2013


Hello! I’m back from maternity leave with one more child, a larger stroller, many many more toys strewn across the living room floor, and a new excitment for getting my oar back into the waters of storytelling.

To get started, I will be speaking about how organizations can use storytelling more effectively in a workshop called “Telling Our Stories” at the October General Meeting of the Federation of Community Social Services of BC. I’ve also begun a little side project in the form of a blog called A Seasonable Life.  It’s where I share recipes, craft ideas, and general thoughts about trying to live a sustainable life in the city. A way to keep myself writing and telling my own stories.  Come check it out!

I am also, of course, looking forward to developing new digital storytelling and writing workshops this year. And, as always, if you have an idea for a workshop you’d like to take or host, email me and tell me about it – I’m always up for new projects!

Hope you’re all enjoying these beautiful Autumn months and hope to see you soon.


Upcoming Workshops

October 1, 2013

In Golden Thread Stories workshops, students will produce a one to three minute digital story, using their own words and images.  Storytellers will explore the creative process of story development, record their own first-person narratives, and learn how to combine images, voice and soundtrack into a completed digital story.  All our workshops are designed for small groups of students and provide skilled facilitators to guide the process.

We have no upcoming workshops scheduled at this time. Check back soon, or email me for more information!

Interesting peice on the BBC Website about the power of art in healing. Check it out!

March 10, 2013

March 10, 2013

Surya’s on maternity leave, so Golden Thread Stories is taking a short break. We have lots of ideas for new projects though, so stay tuned and we’ll be back in the summer!